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  • Hyper-V Replica and VMs Failover with PowerShell

    Hyper-V Replica offers a convenient and efficient way to provide failover capabilities for Hyper-V VMs, especially outside of a Hyper-V cluster. In its simplest form, two nodes can be set in replication mode to provide near continuous protection for virtual machines, which is the scenario I will cover here. Among other benefits, it can also […]

  • Distribution Point Migration Stuck on Reassigning Distribution Point

    During the course of migrating SCCM 2007 distribution points to SCCM 2012, I encountered a problem where a currently migrating DP would get stuck on “Reassigning Distribution Point”. The process would seem to stall and no errors are shown. The distribution point would show up in the console, its configuration can be modified, content can […]

  • DC Failing Due to Corrupt NTDS DB

    One of the domain controllers in the network was failing and was reporting numerous errors with replication, active directory object updates and several other problems. The SYSVOL replication was encountering problems as well. The event log for Active Directory Domain Services was loaded with errors. The DC was logging event IDs 467, 1173, 1084, 2108, […]

  • VMM Error 801 and VM Creation Failure

    A few weeks ago, we encountered a problem with the orchestrated creation of virtual machines where “VMM Error 801: VMM cannot find VirtualHardDisk <GUID>” was being reported. The Orchestrator runbook was terminating, failing to create the VM. The service request would fail in turn. I did a quick check up on Orchestrator and Service Manager, […]

  • Deploy EXE Files with SCCM

    As any SCCM administrator will tell you, ConfigMgr does not offer the option to deploy EXE files in a direct manner like MSI files. Fortunately, working around that limitation is easy. I will use the Silverlight setup as an example in this article. This can be applied to any EXE setup file. We will start […]

  • SCCM Revoked Clients Registration

    When we were in the process of migrating our SCCM 2007 hierarchy to the newly installed SCCM 2012, we encountered around 150 revoked clients that were being denied registration. While the vast majority of the agents functioned properly, these particular agents remained unable to register with SCCM 2012. We checked all the settings for SCCM […]