Category: Configuration Manager

  • SCCM Client Installation using PowerShell and PSExec

    There are a lot of ways to install the SCCM client: automatic client push, push via the console, GPOs and many more. I will be sharing here a simple PowerShell script meant to be run interactively. The script will install the SCCM client using a batch file stored on a file share accessible to all […]

  • Distribution Point Migration Stuck on Reassigning Distribution Point

    During the course of migrating SCCM 2007 distribution points to SCCM 2012, I encountered a problem where a currently migrating DP would get stuck on “Reassigning Distribution Point”. The process would seem to stall and no errors are shown. The distribution point would show up in the console, its configuration can be modified, content can […]

  • SCCM Distribution Point Migration SQL Views and Status

    One of the latest projects involved automating thousands of distribution point migration jobs. One of the runbooks in the Orchestrator automation for this project involved monitoring the progress of the migration jobs. The SCCM database has a view that tracks this progress and is an actual reflection of the status you see in the “Distribution […]

  • SCCM 2012 Software Center error 0x80041013

    After migrating SCCM clients from 2007 to 2012, the Software Center console on some of the migrated clients would open and displays an “error 0x80041013” message: “Loading Software Center returned error code 0x80041013 (-2147217389).” Examining the problematic systems revealed that the old SCCM 2007 client was not fully or properly removed, evident by files still […]

  • SCCM Detection Clauses Using Scripts

    Implementing SCCM detection clauses using scripts allows an administrator to flexibly define detection methods, especially when dealing with manually defined applications and deployment types. The scripting potential and capabilities are virtually limitless. SCCM supports scripting using PowerShell, VBScript or JScript. I was recently supplied with an application to be distributed though SCCM. The files initially […]

  • Deploy EXE Files with SCCM

    As any SCCM administrator will tell you, ConfigMgr does not offer the option to deploy EXE files in a direct manner like MSI files. Fortunately, working around that limitation is easy. I will use the Silverlight setup as an example in this article. This can be applied to any EXE setup file. We will start […]

  • SCCM Revoked Clients Registration

    When we were in the process of migrating our SCCM 2007 hierarchy to the newly installed SCCM 2012, we encountered around 150 revoked clients that were being denied registration. While the vast majority of the agents functioned properly, these particular agents remained unable to register with SCCM 2012. We checked all the settings for SCCM […]

  • SCCM Failed Client Push Installation

    A while back, we started noticing some SCCM clients failing to push automatically on some machines. The majority of client push installations were being processed successfully and installed clients were behaving properly (we have several thousand SCCM clients). Examination of the ccm.log on the server revealed the following error when the agent is being pushed: […]